Local 006 (City of Iqaluit Workers) Bargaining Update - November 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

To: Local 006 Members Working for the City of Iqaluit 
From: William Fennell, President of the Nunavut Employees Union (NEU)
Re: Bargaining Update November 2017

Early December is now just a few weeks away. For a lot of people in Nunavut, that means the start of serious holiday travel planning. For my Sisters and Brothers in Local 006 who work for the City of Iqaluit, early December also means the next step in a now way-too-long Bargaining Process.

The next step will be a continuance of the Conciliation Process involving your Bargaining Team, City Representatives and a Federal Conciliator that will take place in early December here in Iqaluit.

At this point we are considering how best to focus public attention on your situation and how we stand united in our efforts to secure fair remuneration and treatment for those that make Iqaluit work.  

That is why we are looking at the possibility of public rallies, campaigns and other ways we can make sure that the people of Iqaluit know what is going on with the workers and fellow residents who keep this City going.

We understand that Members may not be comfortable participating in a public event and the NEU does not want to do anything that is not aligned with your needs and concerns.

That is why I am personally asking you and all other Members of Local 006 who work for the City of Iqaluit to let the NEU know how/if you want us to proceed with any public rallies or campaigns organized on your behalf. 

I also want to know if you, as an NEU Member, would be comfortable attending or participating in any event held for you and your fellow co-workers. 

Please email me at bill@neu.ca with your thoughts, concerns and questions. Remember – we are your Union and we are here for you.

I would also like to take this chance to ask for your ongoing support of your Bargaining Team who will continue to represent you through the Conciliation Process. 

We will provide updates based on your feedback as well as any other developments before, after or during the Conciliation set to take place in early December. Our next steps are important. That is why I am asking for your guidance and help to shape and decide how we proceed.

Please use your personal/home emails to contact me and encourage your co-workers who are not getting these updates to share their personal/home emails with the NEU so we can all stay on the same page. Contact information can be sent to myself or communications@neu.ca.

In Solidarity
William (Bill) Fennell
President, the Nunavut Employees Union
Working for those that make Nunavut work

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