Aurora Rewards Deadline Extended to May 15th - Get Yours Today!

Friday, April 14, 2017

In February the NEU and Canadian North announced a travel partnership agreement that allows NEU Members and their immediate families to enjoy a special discount when they fly with Canadian North. If that was not enough good news, the NEU and Canadian North then offered NEU Members a "Welcome Aboard" gift of Bonus Aurora Rewards Points and Benefits. The original deadline to register for Bonus Aurora Rewards Points was March 31st.  To make things even better, and to allow more Members to take advantage of this amazing offer,  the deadline has now been been extended to May15th, 2017. So please read below to see how easy it is to get your Bonus Aurora Rewards Points.

If you do not have your PSAC Number or an NEU Membership card, please email us at


If you have never collected Aurora Rewards Points please:

  1. Have your six or seven digit PSAC Number handy (you can find this on your NEU Membership Card); and
  2. Your Aeroplan Number (if you are an Aeroplan Miles member - if not, you do not need this to register for Aurora Rewards).
  3. Visit; and
  4. Fill out the easy-to-use online registration form.
  5. Then you will automatically become an Aurora Rewards member; and
  6. Get your "Welcome Aboard" bonus points and benefits added to your new Aurora Rewards account.


Please note after completing the registration (especially if you are traveling soon) you may wish to print off a temporary card. To do this, login to your new Aurora Rewards account; scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Membership Card. 

If you need any information regarding your PSAC Membership Number or NEU Membership Card, please email


If you already collect Aurora Rewards Points, please:

  1. Have your six or seven digit PSAC Number handy (you can find this on your NEU Membership Card); and
  2. Your current Aurora Rewards membership number as well.
  3. Email these clearly identified membership numbers along with your full name to; and
  4. (After receiving a confirming email) your "Welcome Aboard" Bonus Rewards Points will be added to your account along with any resulting change to you Aurora Rewards status.


Please note that the points and any change to your existing Aurora Rewards status may take a few days to process after you have sent the email.

If you need any information regarding your NEU Membership Number or Card, please email


Thank you and Welcome Aboard from the NEU and Canadian North

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